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Kids Tablet
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What is a kids tablet

As many users of android tablets or iPads know the tablet computer is a very easy pc to learn, the power of touch and sensors like an accelerometer make using a tablet like second nature to many people.


In its simplest form a Kids Tablet is a eReader capable of creating a more media rich reading experience for your child. With eBooks available via download or on cartridges a kids tablet can add animations, video, or even interactivity to children’s stories. Some kids tablet computers are now equipped with cameras and video apps for older children to make the most of features previously only on high specification tablets. Creativity is developed via drawing software and learning can even be tracked via computer synchronisation. Leading kids tablet makers also have their own educational apps to aid learning and development.


Not essentially made for internet use the tablets being developed for children are designed to support learning, although some will connect via a computer to download apps or track your child’s development.



Leapfrog LeapPad

Innopad is designed as a learning tablet has a 5 inch touch screen, with motion control and eReader for interactive stories

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VTech Innotab Leapfrog LeapPad

LeapPad kids tablet from Leapfrog, designed to inspire creativity, the tablet has a host of features to entertain kids

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